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Home Bible Study

Pastor: Brian England

New Life Church offers you and your family an In-Home Bible Study Course. These studies will challenge the way you look at God’s Word, with an opportunity for restoration in your life. This renewal, the learning and edification of the Bible, will reach out to you and generations to come. 

As you are guided through the scriptures, you will build-up your strength in Christ and develop a Love for God’s Word  and Salvation.  As you explore the dynamics of this Book, you will find that it is not a story with suggestions, but a guide for all of mankind, with words and commandments that will truly fulfill your life. 

It is both practical and uncompromising, eternal life or death, a life of bondage or a life free from the bondage of sin.  It is God’s Word.  While these Bible Studies are designed to make you think seriously about the Word of God, it is not meant to bring fear, but hope into your life.

As Christians, we search and apply the Bible out of love for God and a sincere desire to please Him.  You may request a In-Home Bible Study Course by contacting us from the link above.